We Bought Land in a Jungle! | Find Out Where

We bought land in Costa Rica and are SO EXCITED to start designing our dream home. We’re leave at the beginning of December to start transitioning into a tropical lifestyle. This is our biggest adventure yet, and we can’t to share it with you.

This video is in partnership with Amarumayu. Their mission is to reduce deforestation in the Amazon while empowering indigenous communities. They do this by creating a bio-business, supporting strong jungles instead of cutting them down. In the jungle lives two superfruits, the camu camu and the buriti. Packed with vitamins, omegas and minerals for your body’s delight, these nutrient rich fruits are soon going to be in our hands. They have created two superfruit juices, sustainably harvested from the wild jungles of Peru and currently shipping throughout the US (hopefully more countries soon). Packaged in a reusable bottle, no added sugar, dyes, chemicals, flavors or unnatural preservatives.

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