The First Steps

You are planning a trip. It will be a business trip or a holiday trip, this issue will not be considered yet. On this page, I give the most general comments on how and what you should do during the planning of the trip.

For me, it usually begins with the selection of cheap tickets (we will talk about this separately, this part is very important) and with the fact that I try to mentally draw up a plan of actions and what I will take with myself.

For recordings of ideas that suddenly come to mind, there is your mobile phone and a simple little paper notebook. When I lost several phones on trips and at home, I again switched to a regular paper notebook – it’s convenient and if you get wet in a puddle or in the sea, you don’t lose anything at all. Sometimes it is better than technical progress – fewer costs and worries.

During the trip, there are always failures in your plans. This Destiny is trying to show you something good that you would not see if there were no Destiny near you. So, you should try to find the reason that made you stop here and what it will show you this time.

The main thing is not to be nervous and treat this with understanding. Patience and good mood are very important on the road, remember this. From the very beginning, plan for such delays and failures in your plans.

Once upon a time, my grandfather taught me that the first thing I must do when going to another country is to learn how to ask for water, food, and assistance. With experience, I supplemented this list with phrases of greeting, thanks and apologies. This is the absolute minimum of what you should know in the local language (and the answers to your phrases too!). Without this minimum, you risk being left without help and without understanding from the people living in the country where you go now. On the contrary, I was always and everywhere helped with these phrases. People everywhere are People. Remember this.

Feel free to chat with people. You will be surprised how much new and useful for you can tell the cleaner in your hotel. People at the reception just at work will tell you about the official sights, and the seller or the owner of a small shop can tell a lot not only the prices in the city for your blog, but also about where the beautiful views is, where it is the best to see the sunset or meet the sunrise. They will tell you where should not go ordinary tourists. Try to just communicate with people and you will get, apart from the pleasure of communication, a lot of impressions for life.

All this will come if you are well prepared for the journey. One of the highlights is to prepare copies of your passport and travel documents, including your tickets. Make not only copy on your smartphone but prepare copies on a flash drive and print a few copies. If one of your loved ones stays at home, do not be lazy to leave him similar copies. Once such copies left by me to my wife helped us with a friend to fly home from Burkina Faso almost in the center of Africa when we were almost in a hopeless situation. Never neglect such reasonable precaution and do not keep all your documents and money in one place while traveling otherwise you risk to find yourself in a very not simple situation especially in poor countries where any of your documents are worth real and sometimes quite substantial money.

I will not tell you how and what to pack in your luggage. Just I give you a few tips and nothing more. You should have a small first-aid kit with you in manual packaging, and not in the luggage, especially if you have some serious illness. Sometimes a regular aspirin can save not only you from a headache, but also save some person next to you from death. But putting one or another medicine in your bag, remember that some of your usual drugs may be prohibited in the country of arrival or transplant, and you risk falling into a difficult situation. Check it in advance on the Internet.

Men are easier to collect luggage so as not to pass it. I usually fly light, if it is possible and a few times the lack of baggage brought me into the business class, this facilitates your flight.

Pay special attention to shoes. Fashion high-heeled shoes are not the best choice for traveling shoes. They will not only be inconvenient but thanks to them you can get serious injuries not only on the plane or airport on and on a small yacht or pleasure boat. Wear simple and comfortable shoes in which the foot does not sweat and does not get tired. This will make life easier not only for yourself but also for passengers flying alongside.

In your carry-on baggage there should be a change of underwear and, if possible, all your electronic devices additional batteries including. Everything must be packaged in accordance with accepted standards. You must calculate time in places of transfer with a margin. Especially at large key airports, such as Heathrow. There are always endless queues and a lot of checks. And not only there.

Before the trip, do not forget to inform your bank about the trip. Your blocked card is not the best find anywhere on the edge of the earth.

In any foreign country, you are first and foremost a source of income, so act always with an eye to this factor. Before traveling in a taxi or bus, repeatedly ask for the price of the trip and, if possible, it is better to pay immediately.

Do not buy from street vendors without checking prices in normal nearby stores. Do not take things in the shop exhibited without a price – this is the first sign that they want to deceive you. In the countries of the East do not hesitate to bargain, it is usually in the customs of the country.

In some countries, small children can trim your pockets better than an adult thief. Do not carry money and documents in easily accessible places, and especially in small handbags with thin straps. If you are not alone – watch each other and for backpacks.

Try not to use your documents in an unfamiliar country. It is easier to use photocopy especially in the evening or at night. In my experience, even a safe in your room is not the best place to keep your documents safe. But here everyone acts according to his own reason. A long trip is not the best place for expensive and valuable for your gold jewelry. No matter how much you want to wear it, it’s easier and wiser to leave such decorations at home. Injuries to the ears or neck after a robbery are an additional misfortune to the loss of things dear to your heart.

During the trip, do not use password-free Wi-Fi for bank operations and set of your passwords. Use cash machines in the normal banks, protected Wi-Fi in hotels or your mobile devices to access the Internet.