Some Secret Tips for You #2

On this page, I constantly collecting the information for you on how to buy cheap and sometimes free tickets, book hotels, cruises, tickets for attractions.

#2 The Hidden Airline Loophole That Lets You Book $1,000 Flights for $20 or Less

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My name’s Derek, and traveling has been one of the most important experiences of my life. I’ve traveled to 28 countries in 3 years so far. Traveling has helped me grow in many ways. It’s changed how I connect with people. It’s changed how I see the world. It’s even changed how I see myself. Throughout my journey, people have said to me: “I wish I could travel like that …” “Where does the money come from?” “How can I do that too?” This SITE is the answer to those questions. SITE is a one-stop resource for people who want to be able to travel. On this website, you’ll learn how to leverage the frequent flyer system (even if you don’t fly frequently) to get almost free flights all over the world SITE started off as an idea: “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to make travel possible for more people?” From that seed of an idea, a simple SITE has grown into a complete online course, available in over a dozen different countries. This is designed for travelers of all sorts. World Nomads, business travelers, family vacationers, or adventure travelers. Want to learn how to make travel free? We’re here to help.

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Hey, my name is Dane Homenick. I’ve been a travel addict for decades and lucky enough to do the 30/30 – visit over 30 countries by thirty years old. My (far) better-half Makaela and I now live on our sailboat ‘Sea Otter’ in The Bahamas (except during hurricane season!). It Started With A Journal…

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We put an amazing team together and created the Journal because we knew there had to be a better way to remember our adventures… The idea sprouted when trying to describe this insanely red sunset in my paper journal while “on the hook” in the most gorgeous and secluded bay in the Exuma Islands. Words just couldn’t do it justice… not even close. From that simple idea, it took on a life of its own. The app has taken on a life of its own and garnered praise from travelers around the world, and been featured on sites like these:


“See How Easily You Can Have A Disney World Vacation For A Fraction Of What Others Pay”

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Have An Extravagant Disney World Vacation

Beth Haworth Former Disney Cast Member Best Selling Travel Writer

On a late Spring afternoon, imagine two families departed for Disney World. They were very much alike, these two families.

Both had two children, both had middle-class incomes, and both lived in the same neighborhood.

Both families took the same flight to Disney World. Both stayed at the same luxury 5-Star Disney World resort.

Both families attended the same shows and events and ate at the same restaurants.

Both families spent the same amount of time at Disney World and returned home on the same flight.

But there was a difference….

One family spent $5,500 for their Disney World vacation. The other spent $2,700.

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