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Montreal, Quebec, The Best Tips For Trip & Travel Guide from “” Part of the Open International Joint-Stock Corporation GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION


We collect here some videos on the collection and disposal of plastic and other carbonaceous contaminants.

Plastic in nature does not decompose. Plastic in nature crumbles into pieces the size of 0.00000001 meters.

These pieces are excellent absorbent. They capture heavy metal molecules (mercury, lead, decomposition products in nuclear reactors, and so on) they capture molecules of pesticides and other unsafe chemistry.

All this gets even through the skin of fish in their organisms. Valuable breeds of fish are at the top of the food pyramid and people eat them in expensive restaurants. So plastic gets into human organisms. He also gets into human organisms through ordinary water.

On Earth there is no any river, any small lakes without plastic, you will not find clean water anywhere today. No clear water in plastic bottles. Even distilled water is not without plastic. Whoever insists on others is just lying shamelessly for his own benefit.


Plastic is not just bags or disposable dishes. Plastic is practical all your clothes, houses, cars, smartphones, toothpaste and so on.

Help us create, test and put into production a line capable of permanently freeing us from plastic. After you will spend millions of dollars on its construction. We will build it for you for just one very good car in a time of 2-3 months.




Some Tips Trips & Travel Guide for Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. The Best Town all Over the World!

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