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Dear Travel Agent,

(Tickets or Hotel Agents Welcome too!!)

The conditions of submitting about advertising are simple.

Any agent anywhere in the world should send to the following Email: or or using the contact form of the site an arbitrary letter.

In the letter, please, enter your working name, the name of your firm (if any), your website URL (from there easy take your photos if you will give us permission) if there is your site.

If you do not have a company and website just give me photos you want to put on your page, write your Country and region of the country where you operating (maybe your address or E-mail, or what you want at all :-)).

Not very bad, if you have a channel on YouTube or RSS feed for your website, all your listings will be updated here on your page automatically and will be shown a lot. It is very easy to prepare a YouTube canal and you can send us a URL for this canal later.

You can send me some advertising stories about, some testimonials e.t.c.

If you have not canal or RSS simply send me some photos of your offers and the prices of the expected trips.

If you do not send me the URL of your site – send me your contact phone numbers or an e-mail it is necessary to communicate with your buyers directly. It is not my business to contact with your clients.

As soon as I receive your information, I will prepare your page on our website, which will be here until you ask to remove it or in the lifetime of the website.

You will receive absolutely free ( and will be free!) additional advertising place. This place will be on the subject site, this site visited only by those who are interested in your trips (buying or selling). Traffic to your website will be a target.

I will take the first 10 agents for free and for life. Even more, if I will prepare additional site I will take all the first agents on the new site free too. 

If I will help you to sell something and if you will deem it necessary to thank me – send a small donation using the form at the bottom of this page, but this is entirely optional.

This is all the “rules”.

All your working information I will collect only to make your amazing page, no spam from me will be.

Best regards,

website “Tips Trip” 🙄

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