Ben Cropp and His Australian Treasures

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About Ben Cropp one of the famous journeyman from Australia.

Here you can go with him for example to the largest and most accessible fringing coral reef in Australia, Ningaloo Reef, off the coast of Western Australia, where he encounters the majestic whale shark, before heading on to beautiful Shark Bay where he meets the “sirens of the sea” – the dugong. Albany Western Australia had the last functioning whaling base in Australia closed soon after this was filmed in the mid-1970s. Giant 40 ft Squid found inside a sperm whale provides a rare up-close look at these deep-sea creatures. The West Coast of Australia is also the last resting place for many early explorers ships – many of the Dutch. Monkey Mia, where the wild dolphins willingly come into the shallows to meet people. His stories will show you some of the best places in the world. Today you can go to these places more easily.


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