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How to travel is easier and cheaper.

The First Step

You are planning a trip. On this page, I give the most general comments on how and what you should do during the planning of the trip.

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Here is the information for you on how to buy cheap and sometimes free tickets, book hotels, cruises, tickets for attractions.

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Passenger Compensation

Millions of air passengers travel each year, but a large number do not realise that there are air passenger rights to protect them while in transit.

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Tips for your trips

A long and hard road seems to be up to the first step only. Then after the first step you just walk along it and with every step, your house gets further, and a new life is coming more nearest. This life often interesting, but sometimes dangerous. Other countries, new people, the new way of life coming around you. Then everything is rewound in the reverse order and you are again at home, full of impressions and sometimes not very good. Of course, you want to have a lot more good impressions. I prepared this site to help you to have only good impressions and avoid some wrong mistakes. I am a professional traveler, a sailor, a captain and I think that my bits of advice will be useful even for professional travelers. Read what you like and relax on this site, and I will try to make it enjoyable and useful. This site can save you a lot of money you can believe or not believe me. Welcome aboard, reader!

Ideas of some vacation trips

Here are some short stories about interesting places.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Different Tours

Niagara Falls is located on the US-Canadian border. It is made up of 3 waterfalls – 2 in USA (American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls) and 1 in Canada (Horseshoe Falls).

The Sightseeing Pass

The Sightseeing Pass

The Sightseeing Pass How It Works

The Sightseeing Pass for USA Cities. Choose from over 300 Attractions in 12 USA destinations. Valid for 30 days from activation date. Choose Attractions as you travel. Save up to 70% on Entry Fees.

House Sitters

House Sitters

How does House Sitters Carers work?

Vacation for free - as an International House Sitter. What if you could spend a month, a summer or even an entire year in any idyllic getaway of your choice... without spending a dime on a place to stay?

The Best Cruises Page

The Best Cruises Page

List Of The Best Cruises

Compare that to most land vacations where you're constantly faced with the added expenses and hassles of reservations, valet parking, buying theatre tickets and searching for things to do.

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Short stories

Some stories about unusual trips.

tips for any trips

Kristen & Siya for you with tips for trips.

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